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Teal on Self-Love, Relationships and Soulmates

This video brings together many things I have been thinking about recently. I am definitely going to research into the 5 languages of love 🙂

Here is the original description below the video:

Ask Teal Website – http://www.askteal.com
In this episode, Teal explains in depth how it is our relationships that are the necessary condition for our expansion. She also discusses Twin Flames and the Five Love Languages.

Our relationships reflect our conscious and subconscious mind. So the most important question to ask oneself in a relationship that is not going the way we would like is: What thoughts and beliefs are present in me that are making me a match to this situation?

Teal addresses the pros and cons of marriage versus polyamory. She also explains the concept originated by Dr. Gary Chapman of the five love languages.

These five love languages are:
Physical Affection
Words of Affirmation
Quality Time

Finally, Teal addresses the concept of Twin Flames.


“My primary rel…

“My primary relationship is with myself – all others are mirrors of it. As I learn to love myself, I automatically receive the love and appreciation that I desire from others. If I am committed to myself and to living my truth, I will attract others with equal commitment.”

Shakti Gawain, Reflections in the Light (Taken from http://www.wellbeingalignment.com/how-to-love-yourself.html)

So relevant right now 🙂

“How To Love Yourself”

“How To Love Yourself”

An amazing article!  I need to take this with me everywhere I go as a constant reminder 🙂

Every Man For Himself


‘every man for himself

proverb – everyone should (or does) look after their own interests rather than considering those of others: when the bottom drops out of the market, it’s every man for himself.’ (http://oxforddictionaries.com/definition/american_english/man)
For a long time, I was convinced that this was the title of a track or album by Audioslave and it kept popping up in my head time and time again when I thought about how everyone seems to be out to care for themselves and themselves only.  Turns out it is the title of a Hoobastank album which is not so cool ( :-p ) but this proverb keeps appearing in my thoughts over and over again so I thought I should probably write something about it.
This kind of links to the post about help that I wrote the other day as the theme of the moment for people I know seems to be ‘ask Amy for help!’ which is getting quite tiring and is testing how patient I can be with everyone.  Just as I think I have helped out those who request it as best as I can, another person shows up out of nowhere and I have to keep calm and try my best to help in whatever way I can.  As I mentioned in my ‘help’ post too, I do want to help others but it’s when they barely show a sign of gratification or they are rude and unkind to me in general life that makes me wonder if I really should give them my time!
I do think we are still in the kind of world where everyone is out to save their own skin and are quite reluctant to look out for others unless they have a personal interest in doing so or think they will get some sort of praise for putting themselves out for other people.  I personally get an inexplicable amount of energy and feeling of happiness when I have helped someone and they show genuine gratitude for the time I have put towards helping.  But maybe the lesson for me is to help people regardless of their past actions and hopefully (although it doesn’t seem likely at the moment) they will start to show their gratification one day, I don’t know.
I do apologise if this post seems quite negative but this subject always saddens me because people seem to be very defensive and scared to open up to others.  But if we all learnt to share and help each other out a bit more then maybe they wouldn’t need to be so scared to protect themselves and their interests anymore!
This is just something I need to learn about as I go along and part of me is optimistic that people will slowly learn how to share and appreciate others!
I think there is definitely hope 🙂

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