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In case you were wondering….

So here I am again pondering what the content of my blog should really be about.  I think it’s only fair for me to begin by offering a more accurate description of who I actually am, where I’m from, what I do, what I’m interested in and what I hope to achieve with this blog.  I probably should have mentioned most of this in the first post but it’s better late than never 🙂

My name is Amy, I’m 23 years young and I live in London.  I’m a musician/creative kind of person that likes to do anything from:

  • thinking too much about the fact I think too much;
  • finding out how to make homemake-pretty-much everything;
  • cooking some pretty tasty meals;
  • hanging out at some really strange but awesome gigs;
  • having some really confusing/hilarious/brain frying conversations;
  • pretty much un-learning most of the stuff I was taught in life so far;
  • and many other things which will slowly be revealed.

I may decide to post pictures of some of my endeavours and I am definitely going to post up some of my favourite recipes and homemaking pages because that stuff is too good not to share 🙂

Another part of my blog is going to be devoted to music as I spend quite a bit of my time doing it!  I am fortunate enough to know a decent handful of very talented bands and musicians whose music/videos/photos/words of wisdom should probably be shared around as much as possible.  Which is why I thought it would be good to have bits and pieces of different projects posted on here because if I can help friends and fellow musicians to reach an audience from a different angle then that is awesome!

It’s quite scary to post little pieces of me on here but it kind of feels good to get some of the dialogue out of my head that likes to accompany me in life – makes me feel a bit more sane…maybe :-p

To kick off the posting-of-things on my blog and to link it to the theme of music and friends and talented people that I mentioned earlier, I am going to put a video up straight after this post.  It’s by a special friend that goes by the artist name Mooclef and is neither human nor cow nor some kind of clef shaped object – no one really knows where this guy is from!  The video is actually about a certain special date that occured almost two weeks ago but it doesn’t matter if that day has passed because the message applies to now and to our future experiences.  I don’t expect everyone to totally make sense of what the video is saying (Mooclef is from a different planet after all!) but I really urge you to just have a look and listen 🙂

I look forward to posting more snippets of my experiences and I hope you enjoy sharing them with me!


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